Mobile Communication Made Easier For Mom

Blue Spark Interactive, LLC announced on Thursday the launch of, an online service that allows for instant messaging between cell phones and home or work computers.

The technology combines both Instant Messaging and Text Messaging to offer an “Instant-Text Message(TM),” the first of its kind concentrating specifically on mother-to-child communication.

No More Texting on Tiny Cell Phone Keypads:

“There’s a big complaint among mothers who use cell phones with tiny keypads that it’s difficult to communicate with their child,” Deanna Redman, senior marketing specialist for Blue Spark, LLC, told in an interview. “Our technology alleviates that headache by enabling mothers to use a bigger-sized computer keyboard.”

Communication Technology works with all Carriers and Computers:

The technology, which does not require any software downloads, allows communication between children, family, and friends, not specific to the type of mobile they have or whether they have installed any Rooted Apps like Android Xposed framework, as long as it’s capable of sending and receiving text messages.

Free Texts to all Phones:

“It works with all major carriers,” Redman said. The technology also functions with any computer, Mac or PC, as long as there is Internet connectivity. The CEO of Blue Spark Interactive, LLC worked with the company’s programmers to come up with this new technology, according to Redman.

Enhancing Communication From Cell Phones to Computers:

“What we tried is to break the communication barrier between moms and children,” Redman said. “It’s another technology that enhances communication from computers to cell phones.”

At this point the service is free. To use it, sign into, from any computer, using your full name and mobile phone number. You then plug in the contact information for whoever you need to get in touch with and type a message to them, which they will receive on their mobile phone. If the parent not logged onto the site and their child sends them a text SMS, it is forwarded directly to the parent’s mobile phone. “It’s like an instant message on the computer, but it comes up as a text on the phone,” Redman said.

Premium Services for Users:

Aside from the free “Instant-Text” messaging, the company is also offering premium services which are currently free but may require an extra charge in the future. The premium features include group messaging, calendars, message archiving and message forwarding.

Getting Started With Parent-Friendly Texting:

“After a certain amount of time we’re looking to charge a minimal fee for the premium features,” Redman said. “But at this time we’re not charging. We just want to get people up and going to see how they like it.”

Moms Messenger is a family-friendly tool, allowing parents to be in touch with their children at any time, any place and anywhere. One kind of this technology permits for parents to keep up with their kids in a high-tech way.

Mobile Communication Made Easier For Mom