Three Reasons Why Slavery is Spreading Faster

While some people think that slave trade is in the ancient past, only a few are aware of the fact that this is something that a lot of communities are facing right now. Even though it might not be present in developed countries, many third world and underdeveloped nations have slave communities, who have no rights or representation at all. The big problem here is the fact that it is spreading sooner than one might expect. Here are some reasons as to why that is happening.

No One Knows
As mentioned before, a great number of people do not know that slave trade is still happening. Since they think that it has been dealt with in the past, they are unaware of the fact that many indigenous communities have become slaves without their will. Since no one knows about it, nobody is helping to solve it either.

No International Cooperation
Of course, there are plenty of non-profitable organizations that might swear that they are doing everything they can to stop this. Well, whatever they are doing certainly does not seem to be working. A common reason for this is that none of the big countries are willing to work together for the small ones. As the Jonathan Brown slavery article states, in the current days, slave trade is being done in smaller communities, who are reluctant to speak out. So, it is no surprise that none of the first world countries really want to help out.

No Funding
Even if a person understands how serious this issue is and wants to put an end to it immediately, the goal is difficult to achieve. If one is to free an entire slave community, it means that he or she has to find jobs and homes for all those individuals. This is not possible unless there is someone who is willing to financially backup the initiative. Unfortunately and not surprisingly, there is indeed no one.
Due to these reasons, it is impossible to stop the growth of slavery. So, it is slowly beginning to spread from one community to another, all the whole destroying the autonomy of people.