Your Basic Guide to Getting the Perfect Tuxedo

A tuxedo is a great attire that can easily make you look like a million bucks. It is suitable for any formal day or night event. Therefore, it is best to have at least one tuxedo in your wardrobe. Apart from getting the measurement correct, preferably by a tailor, we have listed a few important things to note in order to choose the perfect tuxedo.

The Color
You can never go wrong with classic colors like black, blue or navy, and white or cream. However, try to avoid tuxedos in stark colors and patterns as these are more suitable for proms and other less formal parties, unless of course this is the look you are settling for.

Style Choice
Like any clothing item, the style of the tuxedo will change according to fashion trends, determined mainly by what celebrities choose to wear during the latest red carpet event. So make sure to have a feel of what is in and what is not. To avoid getting overwhelmed, online sites like 4 piece suit make it easy to choose and filter between styles. You can opt for a modern trim fit or classic fit, and with one or two buttons on the jacket.

Tuxedo Details
Look at the details. For a classic look, you might want to pay special attention to the satin lapel. Regardless of whether the jacket is in the same color or not, the stripe alongside the outside of the trousers should match the lapel. A tail jacket can also be considered if you are feeling especially bold.

Tuxedo Accessories
Do not forget the accessories. Depending on the event and the final look you are trying to achieve, you can either have a cummerbund with matching bow tie, or a vest and black tie. Do not forget black patent leather shoes.

We hope that this basic guide is able to help you choose your tuxedo wisely. Remember that your whole outfit can just as easily look tacky if you do not get the look right.

Your Basic Guide to Getting the Perfect Tuxedo