Mobile Communication Made Easier For Mom

Blue Spark Interactive, LLC announced on Thursday the launch of, an online service that allows for instant messaging between cell phones and home or work computers.

The technology combines both Instant Messaging and Text Messaging to offer an “Instant-Text Message(TM),” the first of its kind concentrating specifically on mother-to-child communication.

No More Texting on Tiny Cell Phone Keypads:

“There’s a big complaint among mothers who use cell phones with tiny keypads that it’s difficult to communicate with their child,” Deanna Redman, senior marketing specialist for Blue Spark, LLC, told in an interview. “Our technology alleviates that headache by enabling mothers to use a bigger-sized computer keyboard.”

Communication Technology works with all Carriers and Computers:

The technology, which does not require any software downloads, allows communication between children, family, and friends, not specific to the type of mobile they have or whether they have installed any Rooted Apps like Android Xposed framework, as long as it’s capable of sending and receiving text messages.

Free Texts to all Phones:

“It works with all major carriers,” Redman said. The technology also functions with any computer, Mac or PC, as long as there is Internet connectivity. The CEO of Blue Spark Interactive, LLC worked with the company’s programmers to come up with this new technology, according to Redman.

Enhancing Communication From Cell Phones to Computers:

“What we tried is to break the communication barrier between moms and children,” Redman said. “It’s another technology that enhances communication from computers to cell phones.”

At this point the service is free. To use it, sign into, from any computer, using your full name and mobile phone number. You then plug in the contact information for whoever you need to get in touch with and type a message to them, which they will receive on their mobile phone. If the parent not logged onto the site and their child sends them a text SMS, it is forwarded directly to the parent’s mobile phone. “It’s like an instant message on the computer, but it comes up as a text on the phone,” Redman said.

Premium Services for Users:

Aside from the free “Instant-Text” messaging, the company is also offering premium services which are currently free but may require an extra charge in the future. The premium features include group messaging, calendars, message archiving and message forwarding.

Getting Started With Parent-Friendly Texting:

“After a certain amount of time we’re looking to charge a minimal fee for the premium features,” Redman said. “But at this time we’re not charging. We just want to get people up and going to see how they like it.”

Moms Messenger is a family-friendly tool, allowing parents to be in touch with their children at any time, any place and anywhere. One kind of this technology permits for parents to keep up with their kids in a high-tech way.

Useful Tips to Master the Craft of Soldering

Soldering is not a craft that you can learn by yourself or master overnight. It needs a bit of practice and commitment. In order to learn this craft effectively, it is important for you to know a few tips and tricks safely. The following are some such soldering tips that you need to know.

Choose the Right Solder

The success of your soldering project highly depends on the type of solder you use. There are different types of solder in the current market. When purchasing solder, always opt for lead-free solder. Although lead solder has a lower melting point when compared to the alternative, it can release cause negative consequences on your health – especially when it is burnt. On the contrary, even though lead-free solder may have a higher melting point, it is quite easy to move around. Most importantly, it is not harmful.

Get the Necessary Supplies

Before you start the task, it is important to have everything you need on the table. This especially includes the soldering iron, which is essential to melt the solder. So, make sure to purchase a high quality product well ahead. It is best if you label all the products in your workshop for safety reasons.

Select the Right Amount of Solder

When it comes to soldering, it is highly important for you to choose the right amount of soldering. While some people are concerned about applying too much solder, remember that you must not include too little solder either. The right amount of solder always looks similar to the shape of a Hershey’s kiss. If there is not enough solder or too much solder on the metal, it can lead to unnecessary consequences.

Furthermore, it is also important for you to clean everything up once the work is done. Make sure to switch off all the electrical equipment and put all the supplies away.

Hiring a Bouncy Castle – Required Equipment and Accessories

Bouncy castles are not just about inflated castles. This service includes a number of other tools too. These are included to ensure the user’s safety and satisfaction. So, the next time you make a bouncy castle hire Manchester, make sure that the service includes the following facilities.

Anchor pegs

Anchor pegs are essential to keep the bouncy castle in one place. If the ground is not even, then the bouncy castle can collapse – especially when too many people get on it at the same time. Thus, ensuring that the castle is firmly settled in one place can help you to prevent any possible damage or injury that could occur.

Crash mats

When playing on these castles, children can trip and fall. You cannot ask children to jump carefully since they will not listen. Instead, what you can do is prevent possible injuries by installing crash mats. These are kept at the entry and exit of the castle and thereby prevent kids from making direct contact with the ground in case they fall. If the company does not offer these mats, you can buy them from the market at an affordable rate.


Apart from the bouncy castle, this is the most important thing that you need. A fan or blower is essential to inflate the castle to the right extent. The fan is imperative to keep the castle inflated when it is in use. There can be small holes and gaps in the castle and, therefore, you cannot stop the air from escaping. Thus, you need to ensure that there is a fan or blower to keep providing a continuous flow of air to keep the castle secure.

Apart from these, you will also have to look out for a generator, sack truck and ground sheets. You need not worry about looking for them individually since the company must provide you with all of them.

Three Reasons Why Slavery is Spreading Faster

While some people think that slave trade is in the ancient past, only a few are aware of the fact that this is something that a lot of communities are facing right now. Even though it might not be present in developed countries, many third world and underdeveloped nations have slave communities, who have no rights or representation at all. The big problem here is the fact that it is spreading sooner than one might expect. Here are some reasons as to why that is happening.

No One Knows
As mentioned before, a great number of people do not know that slave trade is still happening. Since they think that it has been dealt with in the past, they are unaware of the fact that many indigenous communities have become slaves without their will. Since no one knows about it, nobody is helping to solve it either.

No International Cooperation
Of course, there are plenty of non-profitable organizations that might swear that they are doing everything they can to stop this. Well, whatever they are doing certainly does not seem to be working. A common reason for this is that none of the big countries are willing to work together for the small ones. As the Jonathan Brown slavery article states, in the current days, slave trade is being done in smaller communities, who are reluctant to speak out. So, it is no surprise that none of the first world countries really want to help out.

No Funding
Even if a person understands how serious this issue is and wants to put an end to it immediately, the goal is difficult to achieve. If one is to free an entire slave community, it means that he or she has to find jobs and homes for all those individuals. This is not possible unless there is someone who is willing to financially backup the initiative. Unfortunately and not surprisingly, there is indeed no one.
Due to these reasons, it is impossible to stop the growth of slavery. So, it is slowly beginning to spread from one community to another, all the whole destroying the autonomy of people.

Your Basic Guide to Getting the Perfect Tuxedo

A tuxedo is a great attire that can easily make you look like a million bucks. It is suitable for any formal day or night event. Therefore, it is best to have at least one tuxedo in your wardrobe. Apart from getting the measurement correct, preferably by a tailor, we have listed a few important things to note in order to choose the perfect tuxedo.

The Color
You can never go wrong with classic colors like black, blue or navy, and white or cream. However, try to avoid tuxedos in stark colors and patterns as these are more suitable for proms and other less formal parties, unless of course this is the look you are settling for.

Style Choice
Like any clothing item, the style of the tuxedo will change according to fashion trends, determined mainly by what celebrities choose to wear during the latest red carpet event. So make sure to have a feel of what is in and what is not. To avoid getting overwhelmed, online sites like 4 piece suit make it easy to choose and filter between styles. You can opt for a modern trim fit or classic fit, and with one or two buttons on the jacket.

Tuxedo Details
Look at the details. For a classic look, you might want to pay special attention to the satin lapel. Regardless of whether the jacket is in the same color or not, the stripe alongside the outside of the trousers should match the lapel. A tail jacket can also be considered if you are feeling especially bold.

Tuxedo Accessories
Do not forget the accessories. Depending on the event and the final look you are trying to achieve, you can either have a cummerbund with matching bow tie, or a vest and black tie. Do not forget black patent leather shoes.

We hope that this basic guide is able to help you choose your tuxedo wisely. Remember that your whole outfit can just as easily look tacky if you do not get the look right.

Advantages of Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications has gained immense popularity in recent years and have been a key strategy used by big associations in present years.

With such a variety of items being promoted through disconnected and online correspondence channels purchasers regularly get overpowered while picking the
items and administrations advertising messages are in danger of being disregarded and overlooked if they are not as indicated by the client’s taste.

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Brand mindfulness is one of the significant advantages of IMC where the brand story can be viable imparted.

IMC is additionally more cost-productive than the typical broad communications advertising since purchasers can turn out to be more mindful and near the
brand through different correspondence gatherings and advanced interface. Nowadays customers invest more energy in PCs and cell phones; organizations
attempt to consolidate numerous exposures to their brands with various touch focuses. Association has begun to take a gander at it in general bound
together piece instead of divided.

The other critical advantage of IMC is that it makes a broad upper hand for organizations that are hoping to support their deals and benefits. This was
more compelling for little or medium sized organizations with restricted advertising spending plans and workers. IMC helps customers travel through the
different phases of purchasing procedure. The firm at the same time brings its picture, builds up a discourse and tries to improve its association with
clients all through the trade. It can be instrumental in making a decent obtaining knowledge and makes the customers faithful and deep rooted.

3 Important Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Car Tyre



If you have a car, one of the most important things that you constantly have to maintain, and even replace, are your car tyres. After all, without car tyres your vehicle will not be able to run in the first place. However, before you buy a car tyre, you should carefully take some things into consideration. You cannot just go out and immediately buy the first car tyre that you see. So, what are these things that you have to consider first before buying a car tyre? Please keep on reading and find out for more on continental tyres.

Important Things You Should Consider Before Buying Car Tyres Online

For your safety and the safety of other people, you need to constantly maintain and even regularly replace your car tyres. However, buying a car tyre is no simple task. There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind, and in fact here are some things you need to consider before you buy a car tyre.

  1. Know when you should buy.Car tyres are not really cheap and they are in fact quite costly, especially if you buy a top notch car tyre. So before buying a car tyre, make sure that you really need it. So how do you know when it is the time to buy? First of all, do a visual inspection of your current car tyres and see if they have already exhausted their longevity. Car tyres have a specific amount of lifespan so make sure to check that. Also, check for signs of trouble like tyre wears and etc. Consult a guideline since there are actually rules regarding the depth of your tyre treads.

bigstock-Automotive-concept-405975221A simple way to check if your tyre tread is still okay is to stick a penny on it. If you can already see the entire head of Lincoln, this means that you definitely need to buy new car tyres. Also, even if only one of your tyres is bad, it would be better if you replace two at the same time. Additionally, car tyre dealers also suggest that you place your tyres on your back axle for safer handling.

  1. Size and car type.These are very important factors that you should consider before buying a car tyre. After all, you do not want to end up buying a truck tyre for your sedan right? Before going to a car tyre dealer, make sure that you know the proper and accurate size of your car tyres. Make sure that the information you provide is exactly according to the specifications of the manufacturer of your car. You can find this information from the manual provided to you along with your car. However, if you have lost your manual and can no longer provide the exact size of your car tyres, make sure to provide the tyre dealers with the exact make and model of your car. They can provide you with the appropriate car tyres using that information.
  1. Ride quality and style. The specific size of your car tyre is based on the type of vehicle that you have. However, your car tyre can come in a wide range of designs and styles. This allows you the opportunity to personalize and customize the look of your car. For example, there is a tyre package for you regardless if you want a sporty, rugged, elegant, retro, or modern looking car tyre.However, you have to keep in mind that different car tyre styles can affect its performance. For instance, sporty car tyres that provide your car with a low profile has excellent handling but it is also more susceptible to damage compared to the other car tyre styles.So make sure to also take this information into consideration.

These are just three things you need to consider before buying a car tyre. Make sure that you consider each one carefully in order to save money and have a much better driving experience!